Exercise For Love Handles

I know this section is called exercise for love handles but first I want to let you in on a little secret. There really is no best exercise for love handles. Let me explain.

You can bust your butt at the gym doing all the best exercises for love handles and abs or all the cardio you want but if you fail to use this First Key thing you will fail at what you want to accomplish.

What is this First Key? This First Key is your diet and more than any exercises you can do this will have the biggest effect on you reaching your goals of having a slim trim body and waistline than any exercise. I know we all have been taken in before by the infomercials promising us huge results if we just buy their fancy piece of exercise equipment or their latest at home exercise program. I have no doubt that all that stuff may work but I can tell you for sure that if you don’t get this First Key right you are destined to fail.

I don’t really like to use the word diet myself. I like to use the term lifestyle because that is what it has to be for you to succeed. You have to change your lifestyle to one of health that includes exercise and good food. I’m not saying that you can’t treat yourself every once in a while to something sweet or bad for you but for the most part you have to stay consistent with what you are eating to get rid of that fat belly and love handles. There are little tricks you can do to beat cravens for unhealthy foods that maybe be sabotaging your goals.

On my quest to lose that bit of belly fat that I had on my waist line I was probably just like most of you who are reading this. I would get on a program of exercise and really concentrate on working my abdominals to try to lose weight there but it would never work. I then discovered with this First Key it was more about what I was eating instead of what I was doing.

Good Food vs  Bad Food

This is where many of you will fail just because you don’t really now what is good for you and what isn’t. I know a lot of people think they know but are still failing in their weight loss and don’t seem to know why because they think they are doing everything right. They may be on the latest diet from one of those big companies that have you eating their food and little do you know that food is basically processed junk food and you lose weight because you are calorie restricted. The only thing is you will plateau and relapse and gain back the weight you lost and more. Then you will repeat the cycle all over again making that company more and more money.

I have read a lot of books over the past few years on diet and exercise and their were only a few where the information was the same and it was in those books that I made a lifestyle change and started to see results that lasted. The thing is that all these books had no gimmicks or told me that I could lose weight by only eating their food or buying their exercise program. I started to see that the information that I was getting was basically the same about what you should be doing in terms of diet and exercise. Following that information was what finally got me to see results that lasted.

The best program that I want to recommend to you is Mike Geary Truth About Abs because it is not just book on diet or exercise. It is a book on both and when I bought it he was way ahead of everyone in the diet and fitness industry as for what is the best foods to eat and exercises to do and in his book he really outlines this for you so that there is no guessing on your part. He also has many exercises that you should be doing to strengthen and build your midsection and lose the excess fat at the same time. I know a lot of you probably see this book advertised all over the Internet and may have thought about buying it before but passed on it for some other over played gimmick piece of equipment or program. I would say that along with the program and extra bonuses you get with this program it’s worth 10x more than what you pay for it.


Unusual Tips And Foods To LOSE BELLY FAT

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My Personal Downloaded And Printed Copy Of Truth About Abs

I’m not just some guy trying to promote this program because I want to make money off you. I’m telling you to get this program because I own it myself and have seen results from it and like I said before I have read a lot of books on diet and even the most recent ones by famous personal trainers and fitness experts and they say the same things that Mike Geary was talking about years ago. The bonus with his program is you are getting both the right exercise and diet you should be using to lose belly fat and get rid of those love handles once and for all.

If you want to order Mike Geary Truth About Abs you can Click Here. If you find that the program is not for you there is a money back guarantee. If not I want to wish you all the best on losing that excess belly fat and getting the slim midsection that you always wanted.